How to Apply to become a NEPA Youth For Christ Employee:

Step 1 – Contact Northeast Pennsylvania YFC. The first thing to do is to contact our office at 570-343-4323 ext 7 to discuss employment opportunities with Northeast Pennsylvania Youth for Christ.  

 Step 2 – Complete the Application Process. After identifying an employemtn role with a YFC Director you must then complete the application process involving the following items: 

All employees must have the following on file/completed before they can begin:

Step 3– Start Fulfilling Your Role as an NEPA YFC Employee. Once the application process is completed and your application has been reviewed you will be contacted by a NEPA YFC Director to discuss your future as a YFC employee. The Director will also provide key information concerning your involvement and role in the ministry of Youth for Christ.

Still have questions? We would love to meet with you! Contact Jerry "Maj" Major at 570.343.4323 ext 7 or [email protected]